Dependency injection container.
Service exists in container exception
Service not found in container exception
Manage permissions.
Manage auth.
Csrf token helpers
Auth provider interface
Permissions interface
User auth interface
JSON Web Token Authentication
Middleware base class
Basic HTTP auth middleware
Verify Csrf token middleware
JWT auth middleware
Session auth middleware
Token auth middleware
Auth provider base class.
Basic auth provider.
JWT auth provider.
OAuth provider.
Session auth provider.
Token auth provider.
Auth trait For change auth id name in model: protected $authIdColumn = 'auth id name';
Password trait Change password attribute name in model: protected $passwordColumn = 'password'; Chage encrypth algo: protected $passwordEncryptAlgo = algo | null
Array helpers
Collection base class
Feed Collection class
Collection interface
Feeds Collection interface
Property interface
Properties collection
Properties factory class
Property descriptior
Console application
Base class for all commands
Console helper class
Console shell
Base class for all Api controllers
Base class for all Control Panel Api controllers
Control Panel Api interface
Base class for all Controllers
AccessToken trait
Captcha trait
Delete trait
Entity permissions trait
File download and image view trait
File upload trait
Delete trait
Set status trait
Db Column prototype interface
Manage database connections
Database Model Factory
Order by
DateColumn column prototype class
DateCreated column prototype class
DateDeleted column prototype class
DateExpired column prototype class
DateUpdated column prototype class
Default column prototype class
Id column prototype class
Language column prototype class
Parent id relation column prototype class
Position column prototype class
Price column prototype class
Relation column prototype class
Slug column prototype class
Status column prototype class
Type column prototype class
Id column prototype class
Uuid column prototype class
Option type table prototype class
Options table prototype class
Options list table prototype class
Permissions (Many to Many) table prototype class
PolymorphicRelations (Many to Many) table prototype class
Price list table prototype class
Relations table prototype class
Translations table prototype class
Database schema base class
Database search session helper
Search condition
Seed query
Extended Blueprint with column prototypes
Set current time for date created.
Set current time for date updated.
Default column trait
Entity permissions
Find model
Increment field value
Page meta tags trait
Options attribute trait
Option type table trait
Options table trait
Options list definition table trait
Options relation table trait
Order by column trait
Package Registry
Paginator trait
Polymorphic Relations (Many To Many) trait
Update position field Change default position attribute in model protected $positionColumnName = 'attribute name';
Document table trait
Document items table trait
Document number table trait
Price list table trait
Price relation table trait
Relations (Many To Many) trait
Search trait
Create slug
Soft delete trait
Update Status field Change default status column name in model: protected $statusColumn = 'column name';
Update boolean database values (true or false)
Translations trait
Manage models with parent - child relations.
User Relation trait
Update UUID field
Driver base class
Driver manager
Driver trait
Base event class
Base class for event listener.
Base class for event subscribers.
Dispatch and manage events and event subscribers.
Api Respnse support JSON format only.
Http client
Http client
Http Client Interface
Request helpers
Response helpers
Session wrapper
Url helper
Auth interface
Auth interface
Require Permission interface
Cache interface
Driver interface
Driver Manager Interface
Driver Registry Interface
Event Dispatcher Interface
Event interface
Event listener interface
Event Registry Interface
Event subscriber interface
Subscriber Registry Interface
Extension interface
Http Client Interface
Job interface
Job recuring interface
Job recuring interface
Scheduled job interface
Mail interface
Module interface
Options interface
Options interface
Package factory interface
Package factory interface
Package manager interface
Queue interface
Routes interface
Storage interface
Extension interface
Extension interface
Extension interface
View interface
Json formatter implementation
Log processor class
Mail interface
Mail base class
Send emails
Options base class
Extension Package
Package interface, all packages type should impelement it.
Package Registry Interface
Repositorydriver interface
UI Library Package class
Module Package class
Package base class
Package managers factory class
Package managers base class
Package managers factory class
GitHub private repository driver class
GitHub repository driver class
Repository driver base class
Template package
View components trait
Paginate array
Paginate Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Builder objects
Paginate feed collection with unknow last page.
Paginate Josn
Paginator base class
Paginator interface
Paginator session helper
Cron jobs
Cron job
Base class for all jobs
Base class for all Recurring jobs
Base class for all scheduled jobs
Queue manager
Queue worker
Routes storage
Routes storage
Routes storage interface
Ftp flysystem driver class
Storage module class
Class loader
Composer commands
Config file loader and writer
Application error handler
Error renderer interface
Php error base class
Render error
Render error
Render error
Render error
Task Errors trait
System Process
Core system helper class
Update package
Client Ip
Curl wrapper
Factory class
Function arguments helper
Html builder
Detect browser type (mobile or desktop)
Number helper
All path constants and helpers
Facades abstract class
text helpers
Time intervals
Utility static functions
Uuid class
Zip file helpers
Base class for all filters
Filter factory class
SanitizeRequest filter
Text filter
Variable filter interface
Validation rule interface
Base class for all form validation rules
Rule builder
Check if value is in list
Csrf token field rule
Base class for all Db rules
Check if value exists in database table
Unique value rule, Check if value in model table not exists
Email address validation rule
Equal validation rule.
Extension path rule. Check if extension path exists
Check if field value is valid file array
Float number validation rule
Integer rule validation
Ip address validatiion rule.
Number form rule validation
Reg exp validation rule
Check if template file exist.
Text field rule
Url validation rule
Uuid validation rule.Check if value is valid uuid.
Data validation
Response validator strategy
Base html component
Html component data
Render html component
Html page
Page head class
Resource locator
Html component data interface
Template engine functions, filters and tests.
Template filer functions
Component tag node
Component tag parser
Markdown node
Markdown tag parser
Html Template
Tmplate tests functions
Template theme
View class
Installer plugin