Auth trait For change auth id name in model: protected $authIdColumn = 'auth id name';
Password trait Change password attribute name in model: protected $passwordColumn = 'password'; Chage encrypth algo: protected $passwordEncryptAlgo = algo | null
UiComponent Api controller
Config properties
Content provider trait
AccessToken trait
ApiResponse trait
Controller trait
Errors trait
Multilanguage trait
PageErrors trait
UserAccess trait
Captcha trait
CRUD trait
Delete trait
Entity permissions trait
File download and image view trait
File upload trait
MetaTags trait
Orm options trait
Soft Delete trait
Set status trait
Task progress trait
Ui Component Api controller
Update model field trait
Set current time for date created.
Date search query
Set current time for date updated.
Default column trait
Document table trait
Document items table trait
Document number table trait
File type trait
Find model
Increment field value
Page meta tags trait
Options attribute trait
Option type table trait
Options table trait
Options list definition table trait
Options relation table trait
Order by column trait
Package Registry
Paginator trait
Entity permissions
Entity permissions relation
Polymorphic Relations (Many To Many) trait
Update position field Change default position attribute in model protected $positionColumnName = 'attribute name';
Price list table trait
Price relation table trait
Relations (Many To Many) trait
Search trait
Create slug
Soft delete trait
Update Status field Change default status column name in model: protected $statusColumn = 'column name';
Update boolean database values (true or false)
Translations trait
Manage models with parent - child relations.
User Relation trait
Update UUID field
Driver trait
Event log
Loggable trait
Logger trait
View component translations trait
Console commands trait
Css files trait
Get package drivers.
Package jobs trait
Js files trait
Themes trait
View components trait
Job log
Job progress
Service trait
Task Errors trait
Php Config file loader and writer
Data source for components
Include options for view components
Get index page
Component options
Component properties
UiLibrary helpers
Access options for view components
Theme global vars